Interview with A Minute for Manny about Storytelling in Songs

Episode 008

Episode 008 - Interview with A Minute for Manny about Storytelling in Songs Episode 008 Shownotes

Interview with A Minute for Manny about Storytelling in Songs

Here’s What You Don’t Know About Songwriting That Could Revolutionize your Lyrics

This episode is for you when you want to know the simple way to make your songs meaningful to your audience without giving in to popular demand.

A Minute for Manny, singer-songwriter, and guitarist, talks about how he approaches songwriting and what it has to do with showing both sides of the same coin. He reveals what The Sandman by Neil Gaiman taught him so that he could write better lyrics.

This episode is about his journey of becoming a musician, what it takes, what he learned along the way, and what influenced him the most.

And you'll also find out what a Disney song as well as "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden have in common.

And why he considers music to be the pinnacle of storytelling.

So tune in.


Here's what we cover:

[00:01:12] - How A Minute for Manny got into music by filling someone else’s shoes.

[00:07:30] - “I still have the metalhead blood flowing through my veins”

[00:08:15] - How writing a pop song started as a joke.

[00:10:16] - Flipping the coin in songwriting

[00:12:23] - Quitting a day job to go busking in small towns

[00:19:00] - Recording “They Say”

[00:20:50] - A song a day challenge - over 100 songs written in 100 days

[00:27:31] - "Music can be the pinnacle of storytelling"

[00:30:30] - How Iron Maiden and a Disney Song made an impact

[00:33:50] - Everything changed with Bruce Springsteen

[00:36:33] - How to make a song meaningful?

[00:40:57] - The Sandman by Neil Gaiman and what it teaches songwriters

[00:49:32] - Cast your own songwriter group. Who will be in it?

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