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Episode 019

What songwriters need to know about writing lyrics about the first kiss

How do you write kissing lyrics that will truly accelerate your listeners’ pulse without being on the nose or fall into clichés?


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Podcast Stories in Songs Podcast - Writing captivating lyrics

The Stories in Songs Podcast reveals how you can write captivating lyrics so that you can Increase the Sales of your Next Album. Lyrics are super important if you want the message of your song to be unforgettable and so meaningful that you can turn your listeners into raving fans.

Stories in Songs Podcast

Do you want to Increase the Sales of your Next Album?


If you are a musician, you want your art to reach people, to resonate with your listeners, and maybe even to change lives.

And maybe your melodies are amazing, but still, people do not connect with your songs. And maybe you have a message that you need to get out there, but you have no idea why people cannot relate to what your songs are about.

The album sales are down and you might even wonder if you've got what it takes to be a musician or a songwriter.

There's doubt and worry because this is your dream. You want to live through your songs and make a living as well.

In my studies, I've found out that telling stories in songs increases the success of an album. 

I work as a story consultant specializing in songwriting and coming in March 2020, the Stories in Songs Podcast is there to help you learn the craft of storytelling because lyrics are super important if you want your songs to be meaningful for your audience. 


If a listener can emotionally connect with a song, they will be willing to buy the album.

They become fans if you satisfy their expectations set by the single release that got them hooked.

So if you listen to my podcast, you'll discover how to:

  • reach a larger audience and get more fans without stopping to write about what's meaningful to you
  • find your unique voice so that you can stand out from the crowd of all the other musicians in the same genre which means you will make your own footprint in this world
  • Write captivating lyrics for the songs you choose as single releases so that they better contribute to promoting your albums which ultimately leads to more sales
  • live the dream lifestyle of a successful international music artist because you know how to reach a larger audience through what your songs mean to them
  • make a difference and an impact on the world by moving people and connecting with them through the power of lyrics
  • and most importantly, continue to do something you love and make money doing it while staying true to yourself


And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results!

So when we sum up what this podcast will teach you, is that something you are interested in?

That means:

  • Learn how you can use the craft of telling powerful stories or parts of a story to make your songs truly engaging and meaningful. 
  • Learn To Write Captivating first lines: So you can quickly pull people into your songs to make a difference in their lives or even save it.
  • Get Step-by-step Instructions For Telling Stories In Songs which enables you to confidently tell stories the right way in any type of song which means you can put the power of stories to work for you in your lyrics even if you don't consider yourself a storyteller.
  • Find Out What Your Fans Already Love About Your Songs: Deliver on the promise that made them become a fan of you in the first place so your fans will continue to love and appreciate you and tell their friends about you.
  • Discover The Essential Elements That Go Into Every Successful Story: to ensure your lyrics contain each critical element of a great story which means your songs will sell like crazy... whether they're about falling in love, breaking up, society, ... it doesn't matter.
  • Discover How And Why Stories Are Hard-wired Into Our "cave Man" Brains: Tell the perfect story to connect with your audience and hook them which means you will write songs that truly resonate with your audience and that are meaningful to them.


So if you want more fans, telling stories in your songs is an amazing and powerful opportunity to build a connection with your listeners and to increase album sales.


Subscribe to my podcast and get ready to become a powerful storyteller.

In this podcast, you'll learn more about the strategies of telling a story that satisfies your listeners' expectations, as well as all the editing tips and tricks on how to evaluate your songs so that you can create some amazing art without hitting writer's block ever again.

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7 Essential Elements to Unleash the Power of Storytelling in your Lyrics

7 Essential Elements to Unleash the Power of Storytelling in your Lyrics

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