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I believe songs have the power to save lives. That's why I help musicians write powerful & engaging lyrics so that they get more fans and skyrocketing sales.

Write powerful songs through using the craft of storytelling

Storytelling matters in songwritingDo you want to write songs that touch people's hearts and souls?

Do you want to make an impression?

Are you fed up with people telling you what a lovely voice you got?

You know why that bothers you:

Because it tells you your impression is not strong enough. After all, no one ever told Bob Dylan they loved his vocals.
They didn‘t!

Instead, they wrote books about his songs!

Now that‘s what I call impressive impressions!

And here‘s what's important:

Songs have the power to make an impact on the world.

But only through telling stories in your songs can you achieve that.


Storytelling matters in how successful an album or a single release can be.

There's indeed a correlation between how the songs tell captivating stories and the success of an album.

I would not believe it myself if I hadn't analyzed two very different bands (Westlife & Placebo) to acquire the proof.

See the results for yourself.


What kind of help are you looking for?

What I can help you with:

You'll get a professional analysis of the storytelling of your songs.
So that you'll have a clear picture of what works, what doesn't, and why.
PLUS a detailed road map for concrete next steps on how to take your songwriting to the next level to truly make an impact on your listener's lives!

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