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Hi, I'm Melanie

I help songwriters write lyrics that tell powerful stories.

I am a story consultant and a Story Grid Certified Editor and I use the craft of storytelling for creating concept albums that tell captivating stories.

I love songs that take me right into the moment of memories filled with emotions, inciting events and that paint a vivid picture of how a challenge is overcome.

I have devoted myself to figuring out what the lyrics of a song should be like to engage the audience so that they are thrown back into their past or even start to be caught up in a dream of hopeful fantasies that seem so real. What is the essence of a great story in a song or on an entire album? How do we start? What is our protagonist like? What shall he tell? How does he change?

The answer is through knowing the craft of great storytelling and using it for writing songs that work!

Current Project

Westlife - Analysis of all original Westlife lovesongs

Case Study: Westlife
December 2019 - January 2020

One band. One genre. One success story.


My goal is to find out what makes a lovesong a possible Number One hit single.
Therefore I have set myself the challenge to analyse the storytelling of all the original love songs of Westlife


Why Westlife?

Besides the fact that the band has sold over 45 million studio albums and over 55 million records worldwide, Westlife has achieved what no one since accomplished: Reach seven consecutive number-one singles in the UK. If that's not enough, imagine this: They sold out Croke Park Stadium in Dublin (82.300 seats) in a record-breaking 5 minutes!

Westlife is one great example of a band committing to only one external content genre for their songs: And it's love stories.


What's in the analysis?

I specifically look at the lyrics of the song to analyze the storytelling in the songwriting.

Learn about.

  • How to tell a story in a song.
  • What the hero/protagonist in a love song should be like.
  • How to tell a love story in a song or on an album.
  • Does storytelling matter in songwriting?
  • ... and much more.


What can songwriters learn from the results?

Analyzing over 130 lovesongs (singles, songs on the records and b-sides) will provide enough data that through comparison I will be able to gather the best tips for writing a love song that tells a captivating story! That will make your audience fall in love with it!


Check it out here.

Next Project

Placebo Songs Analysis StorytellingCase Study: Placebo
February 2020

Maturation stories about love, sex, and drugs


In my next analysis, I'll dive down into the hidden meanings of all the songs of Placebo's studio albums.


Let's find out what is the main idea behind each album. Is there a controlling theme? And if yes, how well do the songs contribute to telling a prescriptive or cautionary tale on the album?


Do You Want to Increase the Commercial Success of Your Next Album or Song?

Do You Want to Increase the Commercial Success of Your Next Album or Song?

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