Create Goodness.
Create Beauty.
Create Meaning.

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Songs are too valuable to be stuffed with bad lyrics.

Songs have a purpose. They can change lives.
Give your lyrics the power to make an impact.

Don't we all ...

... need and love those songs that speak to our heart and soul?

Have you ever worried about your lyrics being good enough?

Have you been searching for a way to convey emotion and give your song a message without being preachy?

Do you long to understand lyric writing better so you can become a better songwriter?

Did you know that stories in lyrics ain't dead but they actually help you to get diehard fans, increase streaming numbers, and stand out from the crowd? Most songwriters struggle with these same questions. You’re not alone and I'm here to help.

Lyric Mastery Podcast - WRITING THE LYRICS


Join me as we analyze lyrics of popular songs, get assignments, and find out how to write captivating lyrics.

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Level up your Songwriting Skills by using the Power of Storytelling


No matter where you are in your music career, using the power of storytelling will help you write original, unique, and catchy lyrics to get heard, make sales, and find your unique voice.

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Wield the Power of Storytelling


Become a Songwriting Ninja and Level Up your Lyric Writing Skills by learning how to Wield the Power of Storytelling.

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Are you ready to write lyrics that impact people's lives?

I can help songwriters (like you) write captivating and engaging lyrics and become great storytellers in songwriting.

Storytelling in Songwriting
I'm here to help.

I'm a certified Story Grid editor with over a decade of experience to help you wield the power of storytelling in your lyrics.

Storytelling in Songwriting
Boost your confidence.

I teach you how to write and revise your lyrics so when it comes to promoting your songs you confidently step forward.

Storytelling in Songwriting
Be your fans' hero.

Connect with your audience and give your fans the best song experience because they deserve it, and so do you.

I am ready.

How it Works

Wanna become a Songwriting Ninja?

Join me in the dojo and learn to wield the power of storytelling in your lyrics.

Storytelling in Songwriting 1. Level up your writing skills.

Learn the craft of storytelling from concept to line-by-line work so you can write amazing lyrics every time.

Storytelling in Songwriting 2. Learn the tools for revision.

Learn to edit and organize like a pro in your lyric's structure to transform your songs into hits.

Storytelling in Songwriting 3. Tell the best stories.

Start changing lives through the stories you tell in your lyrics.

Become A Songwriting Ninja

Each person in the world has extraordinary inner gifts, but you gotta do what it takes to express them.

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