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Storytelling in Songwriting Melanie NaumannHi, I'm Melanie. I help songwriters write lyrics that tell powerful stories. 

I analysed over 130 original songs of Westlife and found out there is a correlation between the number of albums sold and how captivating the storytelling on an album is.

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Storytelling matters in songwriting!

Here you can see the final result of my analysis of 137 original Westlife Songs. The sales data is from Wikipidia: UK shipments figures based on certification alone.

In % you can see how captivating the storytelling on an album or in the single releases of an album was.

Storytelling matters in Songwriting. Westlife


How do I evaluate a song or an album?

The process is similar to editing a novel. You do not publish the first draft, but you hire an editor who helps you to understand how strong the story is, what works and what doesn't. As a Story Grid Certified Editor, I am trained to give writers specific feedback that they can use to improve their stories.

analysing songs and albums. What I do for evaluating the storytelling.


Storytelling in Songs Editor Seal Story Grid Melanie NaumannWhat I can help you with if you hire me:

  • evaluate and predict the strength of an album in relation to how successful it can be
  • improve the storytelling of an album and its songs before its release
  • choose the songs that tell the most captivating stories as a single release
  • influence the mood and emotions the listeners feel when listening to the album
  • strengthen the message of a song by making it a prescriptive or a cautionary tale
  • create concept albums that tell a compelling story from beginning to end
  • analysing all the albums of a band can be used to find out what influenced the sales positively or negatively
  • Learning from masterworks. Analysis of the songs of successful bands to learn what they did to tell captivating stories in their songs


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