Story Consultant for Songwriting

Hi, I'm Mel. I help singer/songwriters write engaging and meaningful lyrics that stand the test of time.

Story Consultant for Songwriting - Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting
Story Consultant for Songwriting - Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting

Lyrics Analyzed


I help music artists change lives and create meaning by crafting powerful lyrics that have the power to make an impact.


If you need to

  • sell more albums,
  • get more fans,
  • and stand out from the crowd

then I can definitely help you because I believe songs have the power to save lives.

That's why I help musicians write powerful & engaging lyrics so that they reach a larger audience, get skyrocketing sales, and find their unique voice.

Story Consultant for Songwriting - Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting

Just imagine ...

On this website, you will learn how you can use the craft of telling powerful stories or parts of a story to make your songs truly engaging and meaningful.

  • Learn To Write Captivating Lyrics: So you can quickly pull people into your songs to make a difference in their lives or even save it.
  • Get Step-by-step Instructions For Telling Stories In Songs: In my feedback, you'll always get step-by-step instructions on how to best use the power of storytelling in your song lyrics so that your words convey emotion and your listeners can identify with the character in your lyrics.
  • Learn how to Confidently tell stories the right way in any type of song which means you can put the power of stories to work for you in your lyrics even if you don't consider yourself a storyteller.
  • Find Out What Your Fans Already Love About Your Songs: Deliver on the promise that made them become a fan of you in the first place so your fans will continue to love and appreciate you and tell their friends about you.

Learn to Wield The Power of Storytelling.

How To Come Up With Song Ideas Even If You Think There's Nothing Left To Write About

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How To Come Up With Song Ideas Even If You Think There's Nothing Left To Write About
Story Consultant for Songwriting - Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting
  • Storyteller

  • Analyst

  • Lyricist

  • Musician

Meet Your Guide

I am a Story Consultant and a Story Grid Certified Editor.

Did you know that I had given up to work in the music industry because I could not sing, play an instrument, or even clap hands to the rhythm? Yes, I am not good at the music stuff, BUT I love stories!

And finding out how much great storytelling matters in songwriting helped me to find my place in the art that I love the most!

And I hope I can serve you well with my knowledge and experience to help you in your songwriting.

The Story Grid is a methodology developed by editor Shawn Coyne to analyze stories and provide helpful editorial comments. It’s a diagnostic that tells the editor or writer what is working in the story, what is not, and what must be done to make what works better and fix what’s not.

Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting

Ain't A Singer

I love singing even though you can call it noise pollution.

Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting


"Welcome to the Black Parade" is my reminder that your weakness can be your strength.

Stories In Songs - Storytelling in Songwriting

Marching to my own Beat

Green Day's song 'Minority' is who I am, what I love to be and live to this day.


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send me an email from my contact form.

I am a Story Grid Certified Editor. That means I was personally trained by Shawn Coyne. He is an editor with over 30+ years of experience in editing manuscripts, and he has worked in the "Big 5" publishing houses. He created the Story Grid methodology that helps storytellers evaluate the structure of a story, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and give the writer the next steps to improve their story.

Being a Story Grid Certified Editor I am able to evaluate:
  • how stories work and what it takes to tell a story in a song that your listeners can resonate with

  • how to help you improve the stories told on your albums, no matter if you have a rough idea, songs drafted or released

  • how to give constructive and valuable feedback


If you want to learn more about The Story Grid methodology, visit the Story Grid website here.

I focus on the lyrics of the songs and not on the implementation of the music. So it's totally fine if you send me the lyrics in a Word-Document or in a PDF via email.

Absolutely! Let's have a call and talk about what is keeping you from getting started. Book a FREE strategy call with me and we'll talk about your current work in progress, about previous releases and how I can help! 

Yes, I can! I offer every songwriter a FREE analysis of one of their songs. This will provide you with a better understanding of storytelling in songwriting so that you'll know what you're already doing well and where you can focus on improving.

You can also work with me on an album together. We can brainstorm central ideas and concepts, talk about the stories for each song and write the lyrics that will engage your listeners in what you want to express in your songs.

Yes, absolutely. You don't have to have the music ready in order to apply for the analysis of your songs. I focus only on the lyrics and not on the melody or the musical implementation. So send me the lyrics of the songs in a Word-Document or in a PDF.

When we're working together, I focus on consulting, coaching, and writing lyrics together because I believe that everyone has a story to tell. And I want to support you to be able to tell what you need to express in your songs. So I'd love to work WITH you to tell truly powerful stories in your songs.

Yes, I do. Na klar! I'm a German native speaker and I'd love to work with you! Check out my German website here: