How to write a heartbreaking love song to get over someone?

Find out how to write a captivating love song about a breakup and coming to terms with it.

June 02, 2020   |   0   |   Episode 007 Shownotes

How to write a heartbreaking love song to get over someone?

Find out how to write a captivating love song about a breakup and coming to terms with it.

Episode Overview:

[00:00:00] - Introduction to the episode

[00:02:59] - Introducing: A Minute for Manny

[00:04:15] - "Last Goodbye" by A Minute for Manny

[00:08:35] - My initial observation after listening to the song

[00:10:02] - How to analyze the lyrics of a song? Step 1: Which problem faces the character in the song?

[00:15:01] - Step 2 - The unexpected event

[00:22:31] - Step 3 - The lyrics in detail

[00:26:52] - 10 questions to determine the strength of the lyrics

[00:40:36] - How to write a heartbreaking love song - Summary.

How to write a heartbreaking love song to get over someone?

Episode 007

In this episode, we talk about how to write an amazing, heartbreaking love song so that you take your audience with you back into a moment in time when they had to get over a breakup.

We’ll do that by analyzing one song of an aspiring songwriter and musician called A Minute for Manny. We’ll play his song in full and talk about the lyrics as well as about the theme of his song, and the craft of storytelling that he used to be able to write his heartbreaking love song: “Last Goodbye”.

And he will take us on his emotional journey and reveal what it takes to come to terms with the new situation and to get out of one’s misery.


A song about hope and pain

If you get the lyrics for this kind of song right, then you give your listeners hope that it is indeed possible to move on, and you provide them with the strength for it.

They will look at you and the hardship you had to go through, and they will find someone in you who can relate to their heartache and who understands their pain.

And this sense that there’s someone else out there who had to go through a terrible breakup as well will empower them to gather their strength and start moving on, too.

Those listeners will become your fans because you’ve helped them through one of the saddest and most challenging moments of their lives. They will be entirely grateful to you to have given them this strength to get back on their feet.

And writing a powerful heartbreaking song that helps someone get over a failed relationship is what you’ll learn in this episode.

You will discover the three most important things to watch out for when writing a song like this.

You will know the 10 questions you need to ask yourself about your song to find out how strong the lyrics are to truly make an impact.

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Copyright Lyrics:

  • © "Last Goodbye" by A Minute for Manny - Emmanuel Robert Gambriel

© Stories in Songs, Melanie Naumann

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