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Transcript of Episode 038 - Creating A One-Sentence Lyric Outline To Guide Your Writing Process 1

The First Step to Creating A One-Sentence Lyric Outline To Guide Your Writing Process

Transcript of Episode 037 - Attention Grabbing Opening Lines – Part 1 – The Powerful Problem

How can we write an attention-grabbing opening line so that we can hook our listener with our first line?

Transcript of Episode 036 - How To Answer The Question Of Relevancy.

Knowing Which Lyric Lines & Ideas To Keep Or Throw Out – How To Answer The Question Of Relevancy.

Transcript of Episode 035 - Can A Song Save A Life?

Lyrics ain’t an afterthought to making a song. They are equally as important as the melody and the song’s production.

Transcript of Episode 034 - How To Crush It As A Support Act - The Do’s and Dont’s!

How you can get people excited as a support act – even if they didn’t come because of you.

Transcript of Episode 033 - Dynamic Characters in Narrative Songwriting

Dynamic Characters in Narrative Songwriting - What does “character development” or “developing characters” mean?

Transcript of Episode 032 - "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" by Toby Keith

"You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" by Toby Keith - Making Your Song's Character Fall in Love

Transcript of Episode 031 - Creating Conflict by Using a Character's Wants and Needs

The Wants and Needs of a Song's Character and How They Can Engage Your Listeners through Creating Conflict.

Transcript of Episode 030 - 3 Ways to Develop your Song's Character Using Internal Content Genres

Write a song that shows a meaningful transformation of your song's main character. Here's how you can do that.

Transcript of Episode 029 - Every Character WANTS something. But how to figure out WHAT that is?

Let's create a character who does what's necessary to get what they want. And besides, we also figure out WHAT a character might want.

Transcript of Episode 028 - "Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter - Contradictions

"Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter - Avoiding Contradictions in Lyrics

Transcript of Episode 027 - Develop your Lyric's Verses by Using Progressive Complications

Do you want to make it progressively worse for your song's character? Then find out how you can use progressive complications to develop your lyric verses.

Transcript of Episode 026 - Development Engine ADVANCED: 5 Commandments of Storytelling

Use Pat Pattison's Development Engine and the 5 Commandments of Storytelling and develop your lyric idea.

Transcript of Episode 025 - A Songwriter's Six Best Friends ADVANCED: The Story Grid Diorama Model

Outline your lyric's idea by using six crucial questions and combine them with the Story Grid Diorama Model.

Transcript of Episode 024 - "Rumor" by Lee Brice - Using Multiple Love Story Conventions

Do you want to write a great love song about the first kiss? Get inspired by using love story conventions to get your listeners into the mood.

Transcript of Episode 023 - Finding Topics to Write about by Looking at Universal Human Values

Not in the mood to write another song about love? Get inspired by other great topics to write about.

Transcript of Episode 022 - How to Show a Change between Beginning and Ending

The Most Important Element of a Story that Works - How to Show a Change between Beginning and Ending

Transcript of Episode 021 - Crucial Components of Narrative Songwriting

No more struggles when you flesh out your lyric's idea. Discover the crucial elements that belong in your lyrics to unleash the power of storytelling.

Transcript of Episode 020 - "Kiss Me Slowly" by Parachute - Why Change is Better than Repetition

In lyrics, repetition makes listeners get bored with the lyrics. Discover what you can do instead to keep them engaged.

Transcript of Episode 019 - What songwriters need to know about writing lyrics about the first kiss

How do you write kissing lyrics that will truly accelerate your listeners' pulse without being on the nose or falling into cliches?

Transcript of Episode 018 - Ultimate Guide To Writing Love Lyrics About The Lovers' First Encounter

15 Secrets Every Songwriter Must Know About Writing The Lyrics For A Lovers' First Meet Scene

Transcript of Episode 017 - The Simplest Way to Start and Finish Song Lyrics that Mean Something!

One songwriting trick to help you use the most essential element of great storytelling to your songwriting advantage.

Transcript of Episode 016 - One Amazing Songwriting Trick to Increase Your Album's Streaming Number

Insider's guide to pushing album sales by ending the lyrics of a single release with a cliffhanger.

Transcript of Episode 015 - Beat the fairytale love song cliché and move over to the dark side

Find Out How To Stop Writing Fairytale Love Songs And Show A Darker Side Of Love In Your Lyrics.

Transcript of Episode 014 - Making listeners relate to the inner turmoil of your song's character

A Wonderful Way To Show The Change Of Your Song's Character - while letting love take on the role of the villain!

Transcript of Episode 013 - The Beatles Way to Include Your Listeners In Your Narration

Learn how to narrate a "Love At First Sight" moment in your lyrics while still keeping your listeners engaged.

Transcript of Episode 012 - An Unspoken Truth To Writing Enticing Lyrics

The secret weapon every singer/songwriter needs right now to pull their audience into their song.

Transcript of Episode 011 - How to avoid making your listeners feel left out

Three Lyric Writing Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Audience's Engagement

Transcript of Episode 010 - Write A "Love at First Sight" Song Like The Pros And Create Catharsis

How To Write A "Love at First Sight" Song: Successful Musicians Secrets Revealed

Transcript of Episode 009 - The Stories in Songs Podcast - Reloaded

My Secret Songwriting Weapon to Write Captivating Lyrics ... even if You Don't Feel Like A Very Good Songwriter!

Transcript of Episode 008 - Interview with A Minute for Manny about Storytelling in Songwriting

This episode is for you when you want to know the simple way to make your songs meaningful to your audience without giving in to popular demand.

Transcript of Episode 007 - How to write a heartbreaking love song to get over someone?

Find out how to write a captivating love song about a breakup and coming to terms with it.

Transcript of Episode 006 - How to write a powerful love song?

Get inspired by the six most anticipated moments of every love story and use them to write powerful love songs.

Transcript of Episode 005 - How to finish a song you're stuck in?

Get your 3-Step Action Plan to find your inspiration and know exactly how you can finish that song you're stuck in.

Transcript of Episode 004 - How to start writing a powerful song?

Don't wanna compete in a staring contest with that blank sheet of paper and wonder how to begin writing a song? I'll show you a method as well as three different types of beginnings that will spark your imagination.

Transcript of Episode 003 - How to tell a story or part of a story in a song?

The basics about storytelling & 3 specific things that you can do in your songwriting to help you hook your listeners and keep them engaged.

Transcript of Episode 002 - Does your song need to have a message?

Do you wonder if it's necessary to express a kind of deeper meaning in a song? Does there need to be a takeaway for the listener? Let's find it out in this episode.

Transcript of Episode 001 - How to turn your Listeners Into your Fans.

If you wonder if lyrics still play an important part in songwriting and how you can turn listeners into fans, this episode is for you.

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