Wonderful, you are truly someone who wants to make a change and understands that every song can make an impact - big or small - and sometimes even save lives! I appreciate you a lot!

Stories in Songs GrantWhat is the Stories in Songs Grant?

The Stories in Songs Grant is for musicians and bands who either promote their music independently or who are not signed onto a major label. 

They can apply for the Stories in Songs Grant between August 1st and September 30th each year. 

They have the opportunity to choose between one of my two services which I offer them for free:


Why do I offer the Stories in Songs Grant?

I believe songs have the power to save lives. 

And every artist, big or small, has the power to make an impact. And even if you are a small band and you're not well-known, one of your songs can still be the one that helps a person in their greatest hour of need.


Here are the details:

  • Application Time: August 1st and September 30th
  • How to apply? Write me an e-mail telling me about your music, listing previously released albums, your purpose in music, and why you would love to receive the grant.
  • Who gets the grant? I'll look at each application, make a pre-selection, and schedule a call with the finalists to see who is the best fit.
  • Announcement of who got the grant: December
  • Valid: only for the following year in a time of my and your convenience
  • Can you apply again? Yes.


And please don't ask if you can get a refund or get the money disbursed.

It's a free service that I offer to support artists who are not signed to a major label!


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How to write a song that stands the test of time?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What qualifies you to evaluate stories?

I am a Story Grid Certified Editor. That means I was personally trained by Shawn Coyne. He is an editor with over 30+ years of experience in editing manuscripts, and he has worked in the "Big 5" publishing houses. He created the Story Grid methodology that helps storytellers evaluate the structure of a story, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and give the writer the next steps to improve their story.

Being a Story Grid Certified Editor I am able to evaluate:
  • how stories work and what it takes to tell a story in a song that your listeners can resonate with

  • how to help you improve the stories told on your albums, no matter if you have a rough idea, songs drafted or released

  • how to give constructive and valuable feedback


If you want to learn more about The Story Grid methodology, visit the Story Grid website here.

  How do I send you the songs for the analysis?

I focus on the lyrics of the songs and not on the implementation of the music. So it's totally fine if you send me the lyrics in a Word-Document or in a PDF via email.

  We're unsure which direction to take on our new album. Can you help us?

Absolutely! Let's have a call and talk about what is keeping you from getting started. Book a FREE strategy call with me and we'll talk about your current work in progress, about previous releases and how I can help! 

  We've only written a couple of songs, but would like some feedback before we continue. Can you check them out?

Yes, I can! I offer every songwriter a FREE analysis of one of their songs. This will provide you with a better understanding of storytelling in songwriting so that you'll know what you're already doing well and where you can focus on improving.

You can also work with me on an album together. We can brainstorm central ideas and concepts, talk about the stories for each song and write the lyrics that will engage your listeners in what you want to express in your songs.

  We can't send out demo tapes, but can you check our songs anyway?

Yes, absolutely. You don't have to have the music ready in order to apply for the analysis of your songs. I focus only on the lyrics and not on the melody or the musical implementation. So send me the lyrics of the songs in a Word-Document or in a PDF.

  Do you work as a topliner as well?

No, I do not work as a topliner. I focus on consulting, coaching and writing songs together because I believe that everyone has a story to tell. And I want to support you to be able to tell what you need to express in your songs. So I'd love to work WITH you to tell truly powerful stories in your songs.

  I've seen you're from Germany. Do you analyse German Songs as well?

Yes, I do. Na klar! I'm a German native speaker and I'd love to work with you! Check out my German website here: storiesinsongs.de.

  What if we have another question that's not answered here?

No worries! Just send me an email with your question or book a FREE 45-minute strategy call with me to talk about your songs, your goals, and how I can help!

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