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Analyzing the lyrics of songs considering the power of storytelling and how much the lyrics hook and engage the listeners.

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man

Learn how to keep your listeners engaged by avoiding these three lyric writing mistakes.

Cole Swindell - Middle of a Memory

Insider's guide to pushing album sales by ending the lyrics of a single release with a cliffhanger.

John Michael Montgomery - Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

Do you want to write a captivating love song? Studying the lyrics will show you what you need to include in your lyrics to create an emotional reaction in your audience.

Jon Pardi - Heartache on the Dancefloor

Find Out How To Stop Writing Fairytale Love Songs And Show A Darker Side Of Love In Your Lyrics.

Lee Brice - Rumor

Do you want to write a great love song about the first kiss? Get inspired by using love story conventions to get your listeners into the mood.

Madonna - Crazy For You

Discover the secret weapon every singer/songwriter needs right now to pull their audience into their song and write enticing lyrics.

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Shut Up and Kiss Me

"Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Mary Chapin Carpenter - Avoiding Contradictions in Lyrics

My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade - Lyric Study

Learn about a Worldview-Revelation story that follows the Heroic Journey. It's a masterwork of a song that has turned many listeners into fans of MCR.

Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly

Find out why change is better than repetition in writing the lyric's plot.

Placebo - Special K

Insider's guide to pushing album sales by ending the lyrics of a single release with a cliffhanger.

Rise Against - Hero of War

Do you want to make it progressively worse for your song's character? Then find out how you can use progressive complications to develop your lyric verses.

Smashing Pumpkins - Bodies - Lyric Study

A cautionary tale about an obsession love story that shows if a relationship doesn't progress beyond desire, it usually ends in tragedy.

The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There

Learn how to narrate a "Love At First Sight" moment in your lyrics while still keeping your listeners engaged.

The Monkees - I'm A Believer

A Wonderful Way To Show The Change Of Your Song's Character - while letting love take on the role of the villain!

Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

“Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by Thompson Square – How to Create a Smooth and Subtle Narrative Flow

Toby Keith - You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This

"You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" by Toby Keith - Making Your Song's Character Fall in Love

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