“The Comeback” by Drew Davies

“The Comeback” by Drew Davies - A great example of a redemption story in a song

February 08, 2023   |   0   |   Episode 050 Shownotes

“The Comeback” by Drew Davies

“The Comeback” by Drew Davies - A great example of a redemption story in a song

Episode Overview:

  • [00:01:19] The S.O.N.G. Framework
  • [00:03:38] “The Comeback” by Drew Davies
  • [00:07:02] Step 1: Summary
  • [00:21:12] Step 2: Observer
  • [00:28:34] Step 3: Narration
  • [00:47:13] Step 4: Gist
  • [00:53:44] Great Songs Take Time to Write.

“The Comeback” by Drew Davies

Episode 050

Today, I wanna move away from all those love songs we’ve talked about in the past, because I recently had the pleasure to listen to the song “The Comeback” by the London-based musician Drew Davies.

As stated on metaltalk.net, this song by Davies “is a call to arms for society's malcontents and a tip of the hat to an era of alternative greats such as David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails.”

And especially, as you know me, we’re gonna talk about the power of the lyrics.

So let’s dive in and find out why the lyrics of Davies’ “The Comeback” are so powerful!


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